Mipjin (미프진) tablets contain 200mg of medicine called mifepristone. The tablets too Contain the following components: anhydrous colloidal silica, maize starch, providence, microcrystalline cellulose, and calcium stearate. The UK merchandise license for Mifegyne is accompanied by Roussel Laboratories Limited, Uxbridge, UB9 5HP.

Regarding the Item

The Item is Fabricated in France from Roussel-UCLAF, Compiègne. Mifegyne acts by blocking the effects of progesterone a hormone that’s needed for pregnancy to last. Mifegyne also softens and dilates the opening to the uterus. Mifegyne can be properly used before surgical termination of pregnancy. Mifeprex is a synthetic indicated for the medical termination of pregnancy through 49 days of pregnancy. Mifeprex pills are available in generic form. The expected unwanted effects of Mifeprex include bleeding and cramping.

Where to get this medicine?

정품미프진can be acquired in 200mg power tablets. Treatment with Mifeprex and also Misoprostol for the termination of maternity requires several office visits. Patients must understand the necessity of completing the treatment program for example a follow up trip approximately fourteen days after taking Mifeprex. Mifeprex can interact with drugs to take care of HIV, medicines to prevent rejection of a transplanted organ, headache medication, antibiotics, anti fungals, heart or blood pressure medications, antipsychotic drugs, or even thyroid drugs. Tell your doctor about all medications and supplements you use. The following pregnancy can happen following conclusion of pregnancy and also before a resumption of normal menses. Breastfeeding women should check with their health care companies to determine when they should discard their breast milk to get a couple days subsequent to administration of those medicines. Because of the possibility of serious side effects in nursing infants from mifepristone, a choice needs to be made whether to stop nursing or maybe to discontinue the drug, taking in to account that the significance of the medication to the mother. Our Mifeprex (mifepristone) Side Effects Drug Center provides an all-inclusive perspective of accessible medication information about the prospective unwanted effects when using this medication.