There are two common types or categories of cartridges. Some can be disposed of and ones that can be refilled. Pre-filled cartridges have become very common these days. Instead of disposing of your cartridge now and then for your CBD and THC needs, you should consider getting a pre-filled cartridge. That way, you will only be needed to dispose of the top part of the vape. You should never worry about the pre-filled cartridges as they can give you quality results. As long as the base of the vape pen is kept charged, there is nothing that you need to worry about. That is because the contents can easily be heated to serve your needs.

What are their contents?
As compared to other types of cartridges or the disposable cartridges or smoking supplies, the pre-filled cartridge is known to contain high percentages of CBD or THC. The CBD contents are always high in the full spectrum type of cartridge. The filled cannabis or oil vape cartridges always contain up to 70% of THC. It always labeled as cannabis that it was extracted from. Each cartridge has a unique and distinct flavor. The scent is also unique and this makes the vapor enjoyable for many. The potency of it is between 705 and 995 THC should never be forgotten in any way.
Apart from the THC based top-tier quality cartridges, manufactures have also come up with a way to make sure that their consumers stay healthy. That is why today we have pre-filled cartridges that only contain a high percentage of CBD and not THC. That is why we now have full-spectrum CBD products in the market these days. They are known to be the healthiest and the ones anyone would wish to lean towards them. They are known for their many uses.