While the owner of One or more households for hire, you want a very good infrastructure given through an autonomous and effective support. Sofia House Manager Agency (агенция София домоуправител) is everything you would like to handle your own residence service fully. This home direction agency cares for taking complete responsibility to the enterprise by paying out specialists in the space.

The bureau will be Responsible for solving the subsequent problems in the infrastructure of your business:

• Deal with payments: at this time, the bureau trains you an administrator who is responsible for trying to keep order between your payments of the visitors. The payment management system is extremely decent and certainly will upgrade all of the beneficiaries of one’s services. There isn’t going to be a guest who’s exempt by the regular monthly or yearly payment that you classify at the speech you have accessible.

• Manage the condo meetings: the representative who commissioned you House Sofia will organize the condominium conferences to provide new news. Inside this information, you’ll be able to say fresh obligations, products and services, solution of pre-existing difficulties, among other eventualities which occur inside your domainnames. You look at the conferences; this really is optional because the real estate representative will take good care of resolving all of this with your own approval.

• Maintenance work: The most significant factor about the private house managers Sofia (частни домоуправители София) is their support is extremely wide-ranging even with maintenance function. The agents are going to be responsible for training all of your common areas, offering like to your own service as if it were their very own. Her single occupation after hiring the agency is always to charge your home ceremony with no doing absolutely anything in its own infrastructure.

Get quality assistance With Petrov website

You need to Receive quality help from the house manager in Sofia (домоуправител в София) who’ll take care of your own troubles in your home. The director in charge has all of the knowledge to address your problems under the terms which you employ an application. From the choosing at the Petrov web site, you may indicate that which things can or can’t be carried out from your home infrastructure.

The director Charge will stick to all of your principles and conditions, but he’ll likewise be able to give you brand new thoughts for property support. You may upgrade the way your or your address works with a broker who has proven experience. You do not have to fret about leaving your company within the hands of the stranger as the Sofia agency is really professional, yet incredibly effective.


The professional house manager in Sofia (професионален домоуправител в София) Will show you a publication monthly indicating the issues and solutions which they made. Now you need to pay close attention to the account publication to confirm the agency is carrying out the right issue. If you see any irregularity in the management of your own address, you can openly contact the service to fix.

Sofia bureau has Years working in the house industry, where they have managed significant and smallish condos in your city. The bureau was operating since 2015, also with this track list, it has gained recognition for several household annexes from Bulgaria. Using the internet you’ll locate everything associated with the condominiums, from its own administration to care generally.

The home Management service allows you to save a great deal of capital on choosing independent companies. With one click, then you’ll discover experts from every single area who will assist you with no a lot of problem in your residence. First thing you should do is enter House Sofia today and initiate your path to success in your home with professionals.