The industrial Equipment area brings together grabe an extensive range of specialties of an diverse nature with respect to processes and markets, but a few of its most common traits in all them is the need to alter industrial units or procedures towards nimble, adaptive and adaptive production procedures totally robust.

These conditions Allow increasing the validity of both companies, personalizing production, minimizing product shipping and delivery situations, promising companies, and creating limited margins and a lot other ailments.
The industrial Equipment industry Grabe matches this difference, since it fulfills the attributes and prerequisites of clients who ask gifts and solutions with suggestions that entirely comply with everything they’re asking.

It utilizes its Equipment from the processes of boilermaking, machining, processing and welding of plastics; nonetheless, it generally does not sub-contract different companies because of all these methods since they believe these key. Thus they provide their customers flexibility, quality and agility at the production of options to industrial processes.
It’s an organization That offers solutions of top technological degree and in a customized way for its industrial procedures of aeration, agitation, pumping, separation, dosing, storage, among other processesthat might be applicable to almost any segment of their industry.

Grabe operates in a business Linked to industrial processes that compels its development and growth. The industrial devices sector in Brazil has enabled an industrial development of the amazing Native American nation from 1930 before now.

It’s a Business Ally of this paper and pulp business, mining, steel, oil, aeronautics, natural gas, petrochemicals, bioethanol, meats, sciences, chemistry and several other industries. Its main customers are businesses with a recognized track record such as Petrobras, Henkel, Bayer, Arcelor, Mittal, Alcoa, Nexa, Vale, Kinross, Sabesp, PPG and also a lot much more.
For example, for Wastewater-treatment it includes solutions with decanters of the highest technological stage. The decanter is fundamental equipment due to it that the sludge and solids found from water might be separated, complying with regulations.

Grabe Presents circular, Conical, cylindrical and lamellar decanters that permit the exact distance a particle has to travel until it decants is significantly less than in a traditional decanter, guaranteeing a better usage of distance. They’re teams with their very own layouts you will hardly find on the market.